History of IPRS

Our Heritage
With a distinct need to improve the image of PR practitioners and to upgrade professionalism, a group of young and dedicated PR practitioners finally made a tremendous effort to form the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS).

Beginning with 30 members, IPRS was officially registered as a non-profit organization on 29 December 1970 on the premise of bringing Singapore’s public relations industry to greater professional height.

Public Relations in Singapore
The Public Relations Industry in Singapore has grown into a progressive and dynamic profession since the early 1950s, when two or three multinational corporations resumed business after the Second World War. Mainly oil companies, such corporations had their worldwide policies of having their own in-house PR departments, while others started with PR as a subset of their advertising or human resources departments. Statistics compiled by the productivity and Standards Board from 1995 – 2001 showed that there are around 70 PR companies employing about 500 professionals, providing PR or business communication services. Based on the same statistics, the industry has an average sales growth of around 6% per annum, with average annual productivity at around S$70,000 per person.

IPRS Today
The Institute has grown to a current membership base of more than 300 active members who are professionals from diverse business backgrounds, thus contributing to its strength and dynamism.

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