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  • Giving Great Media Interviews !
  • Media Management: A Collaborative Partnership
  • Press Conferences
  • Crisis Communications Management
  • Introduction to Public Relations

Giving Great Media Interviews !
It is important to know your message when giving media interviews. This workshop will expose participants to a variety of media interview scenarios and equip you with the skills and techniques needed to be a confident, powerful media ambassador for your organization. This workshop covers two aspects – preparing senior management for interviews and handling an interview yourself.

Media Management: A Collaborative Partnership
Understand how the media works in this IPRS workshop. Learn tips on handling the media, and how best to collaborate with the journalists to get a positive outcome for your company.

Press Conferences
How do you go about organising a Press Conference? What are the procedures and guidelines? What are the dos and don’ts? This programme on Press Conferences will go behind the scenes and on stage to guide you on how to make your Press Conference truly unique.

Crisis Communications Management
The challenge of working in communications means that you will probably have to deal with crisis situations at some point of your career. In a crisis, expect to be deluged by the media, special interest groups, your management, and even your colleagues. This workshop will adequately prepare you on the essentials of crisis communication - developing an effective crisis communications plan, communicating effectively with key stakeholders and handling the media effectively.

Introduction to Public Relations
This is a quick introduction into Public Relations and its functions. It is designed specially for professionals who need a basic understanding of public relations to help them in their day-to-day work.

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